Save on Energy Programs

Want to know more about how the IESO delivers energy-efficiency programs?  This page provides regular updates on its work to help electricity consumers better manage costs.

June 5, 2019

Ontario Interim Energy-Efficiency Framework Targets Released

Energy-efficiency efforts in Ontario are well positioned to help the province achieve real energy savings and reduce costs. The IESO’s Program Plan for the 2019/20 Interim Framework sets out an approach that provides streamlined energy-efficiency programs in ways that will achieve the most impact. Save on Energy programs will target businesses, Indigenous communities and low-income consumers, while at the same time, reducing costs up to $442 million.

This plan will also set the stage for the evolution for future initiatives that build on private sector capabilities to promote and incent energy efficiency. As part of its preparations for 2020 and beyond, the IESO will reach out to consumers and stakeholders alike to develop new approaches to ensure that Ontario’s electricity system can rely on conservation as the most cost-effective form of supply.

A breakdown of the Interim Framework budget and targets is available here.