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air source heat pumps
For Your Home

Air Source Heat Pumps

The Energy Affordability Program is now offering free cold climate air source heat pumps to income-eligible households with electric heating.

For Business and Industry Workers evaluating a project

Existing Building Commissioning Program

Tune up your building’s energy efficiency, reduce costs and deliver enhanced occupant comfort.

For Your Small Business cafe owner at cash register

Small Business Program

Eligible small businesses can now receive up to $3000 in free lighting incentives! Apply today!

For Business and Contractors Contractor retrofitting lights in the lobby of a building

Retrofit Program

Transform your business with incentives for energy-saving equipment and control system retrofits that will help you reduce energy costs, increase productivity and enhance employee comfort.

First Nations Energy Programs family standing in front of house

First Nations Energy Programs

As an on-reserve First Nations customer, learn how Save on Energy programs can help your community become more energy efficient.

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Save on Energy is paving the way to a brighter, more energy-efficient future for Ontario. Learn more about who we are and what we do. Find out why energy efficiency is important.

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