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Peak Perks

Get rewarded for using energy wisely this summer.


Receive a $75 electronic prepaid MasterCard® when you enroll in Peak Perks™. You’ll also receive a $20 electronic prepaid MasterCard® each additional year you stay enrolled in the program starting in 2024.

Take control of your home comfort and energy savings with Save on Energy’s Peak Perks program. You’ll be rewarded for reducing your energy use when demand for electricity in Ontario is high this summer.

How Peak Perks works

Participants in Peak Perks save with their smart thermostats by participating in brief, time-limited thermostat adjustments during periods of peak electricity demand that can occur on the hottest summer days. 

  • Peak Perks events will occur only on weekdays for up to three hours during periods of peak demand for electricity. Events will not take place on weekends or holidays.
  • Events can occur up to 10 times between June and September. 
  • During an event, your thermostat will be automatically adjusted between two to four degrees Celsius to reduce your home’s energy consumption.
  • You are always in control – you will be notified when an event occurs and can opt out at any time during an event from your thermostat provider’s mobile app, or by simply adjusting your smart thermostat back to your desired comfort level.
  • Once an event ends, your thermostat will return to its original temperature setting. 
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Did you know?

From increasing your home comfort level to making life more convenient, smart thermostats help you control your home’s temperature so you can reduce your energy consumption and save on cooling and heating costs all year round.

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Benefits to participating in Peak Perks

Peak Perks - coins
Get financial rewards for participating in Peak Perks this summer – and for each additional year you participate
Peak Perks - House
Take advantage of this simple and easy way to manage your electricity consumption at home
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Help your community and the province by reducing stress on the grid on hot days
Peak Perks - map of Ontario
Support a brighter Ontario by contributing to a reliable, affordable and sustainable grid

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to participate in Peak Perks, you must:

  1. Be a residential electricity customer in Ontario* with central air conditioning that is controlled by your smart thermostat
  2. Have an eligible Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat installed in your home
  3. Not be participating in another residential demand response program in Ontario where your thermostat is automatically adjusted to help maintain reliability of the electricity grid.

* Electricity customers who reside in Cornwall, Ontario are serviced by Hydro Quebec and therefore are not eligible to participate in Peak Perks.

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