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What is Save on Energy?

Save on Energy is here to help you use energy wisely at home and at work. It’s the mark of energy-efficiency programs offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator. You can take advantage of its incentives and resources to make your energy-efficiency projects more affordable, allowing you to reap the rewards faster. Save on Energy also raises awareness about the many ways we can reduce energy waste in our day-to-day lives – putting energy efficiency within your reach.

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Why energy efficiency?

When you save energy, you save money on your electricity bill and you make a lasting contribution to reducing long-term energy costs. Energy efficiency reduces and delays the need for new power plants and transmission lines. Investments in energy efficiency also make businesses more competitive and our homes more liveable. At a cost of just two cents per kilowatt-hour, energy efficiency remains our most cost-effective resource in helping to meet Ontario’s energy demands.

Over a decade of supporting Ontarians save energy

Save on Energy is Ontario’s recognized and trusted source for energy-efficiency opportunities and knowledge in the province. Since 2011, Save on Energy has proudly provided energy-efficiency opportunities and resources to more than 250,000 homes and businesses in all sectors across Ontario to help them better manage their electricity use, saving nearly 16 TWh of electricity. This is equivalent to powering 1.7 million homes for one year. Save on Energy programs will continue to help ensure the IESO delivers the best value for program participants, the ratepayers of Ontario and the provincial electricity system.

Learn about the Conservation and Demand Management Framework.

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