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technician working on ventilation within a commercial building

Building recommissioning explained

How recommissioning optimizes your building for energy efficiency and comfort with low- to no-cost operational changes.

man on cell phone in warehouse

Rethink your warehouse and save money

Warehouses are busier than ever. See how investing in energy efficiency can save you money and improve your employees’ comfort.
cucumbers growing in an energy-efficient greenhouse

Research finding new benefits to using LEDs in greenhouses 

In addition to being more energy-efficient, LEDs may improve the quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers and cannabis. Find out more.
rooftop units

Buying guide for rooftop units

Learn how an efficient rooftop unit (RTU) can help your business save energy while improving your bottom line.
man accepting call on his cell phone while working on an IT policy on his laptop.

How your IT policies can help save energy

When it comes to energy savings, the IT department holds a lot of power. Learn how, through the right policies, IT can make a big impact on energy efficiency for your business.
Cucumbers growing under efficient lighting in a local greenhouse

Installing LED grow lights in your greenhouse

LEDs can help Ontario greenhouse growers save big on energy. Here are the basics to keep in mind when installing LED grow lights.
ethernet cables helping to power technology

What's Next: Power over Ethernet

Learn the basics of this new technology that powers smart devices and smart buildings.
exterior view of an Ontario owned and operated greenhouse

A guide to greenhouse energy efficiency

Greenhouse operations in Ontario are growing. Here's how producers can make sure their energy use doesn't grow faster than their profits.
CEO contemplating how she can lead an improvement in operations using energy-efficient solutions

The smart CEO knows energy efficiency matters

Energy efficiency can provide the foundation you need to reach your business goals. 
Chief Marketing Officer sitting in a chair and considering the importance of incorporating energy efficiency in his business' brand.

Savvy CMOs build brands with energy efficiency

Smart marketers keen to build their brands should consider the power of energy efficiency.
a team taking notes and brainstorming the energy-efficiency potential for their business

Build your energy-efficiency team, step-by-step

Successful energy efficiency requires a group effort. Take these steps to build a dream team of energy-efficiency enthusiasts. You'll make big strides, and fast. Here's how.
manager overlooking factory floor from catwalk

Why energy efficiency? Productivity

Opportunities to save energy typically go hand-in-hand with other ways your organization can become more efficient overall. Here’s how energy efficiency boosts productivity.
employee using modern office printer to email a document

Five hidden energy costs of your IT

From computers to back-end infrastructure, all of the tech needed for day-to-day operations can use a lot of energy. Learn how to make the right IT decisions to cut costs and save.
Interior of modern empty office building

Save energy in your closed or partially occupied building

Here’s how property managers can keep office buildings energy efficient while many occupants work from home.
LED grow lights in a greenhouse

Expert advice for using LEDs in your greenhouse

From seeking out partners to embracing experimentation, here’s how growers can get the most out of energy-efficient LED lighting.
man sitting on desk in home office

Three ways to save energy while you work from home

From flexible hours to wearing your sweatpants, working from home may be what is needed. Here's how you can save energy like a boss.
Two engineers making plans for their facility

Building automation systems buying guide

Improve your bottom line and save energy throughout your facility with building automation. Learn how.
Energy manager inspecting variable frequency drive

Buying guide for variable frequency drives

Learn about variable frequency drives (VFDs) and how they can help motor-driven equipment like pumps and fans work more efficiently.
two employees inspecting IT systems at a data center

Upgrading your enterprise tech? Save energy too

With technology such a central part of organizations, IT decision makers play a critical role in how competitive and efficient their business is. Learn how energy efficiency can help.
Office buildings in city center

Calling all CEOs: Why energy efficiency matters

Every leader should recognize that investing in energy efficiency will set them up for long-term success, writes Gordon Hicks, CEO of global real estate management firm BGIS.
man directing crane to position a rooftop unit onto the roof of a building

Improved practices result in real savings

Being knowledgeable about energy consumption and costs is a good idea for all of us, but it’s especially so for business owners and operators.
Instructor leading training course

Invest in people to improve your bottom line

The most critical component of energy management isn’t the new technologies – it’s the investment in people who implement them.
warehouse worker wearing hard hat while using an electronic tablet

So you've done an energy audit...what's next?

An energy audit can uncover opportunities for greater efficiency, but putting your results into action goes beyond technical projects alone.
empty hospital hallway

Saving energy, saving lives

Aside from the obvious financial perks, one of the great advantages of implementing an energy efficiency program is the benefit to the community.
man presenting to colleagues in meeting room

What's really important to my CEO?

Knowing what makes your leadership tick is the key to making energy efficiency projects work. Here, our experts look at how to connect successfully with your senior management.
man using work laptop at clean office

Reopening your office? Keep energy efficiency in mind

When it comes to reducing costs, energy efficiency can help. Here’s what offices should keep in mind for their reopening plans.
lettuce growing under energy-efficient grow light

Energy-saving greenhouse tech you should know about

Take a look at the current and emerging technologies greenhouse operators can use to reduce their electricity consumption, grow better crops and improve their bottom line.
woman working in well-ventilated office

Ventilation matters

A well-maintained and energy-efficient ventilation system makes a difference to your indoor air quality, and can improve both employee wellness and your bottom line.
cannabis growing indoors with efficient technology

Growing cannabis? Do it the energy-efficient way

Growing cannabis is energy intensive. Find out how energy efficiency can help Ontario’s producers curb their costs and grow successfully.

CFO on a call with his team about how to prioritize energy efficiency

Why CFOs should prioritize energy efficiency

Ignoring energy conservation means leaving money on the table. 
large modern warehouse with forklifts

How to make your warehouse more energy efficient

Embrace energy efficiency and find savings – both big and small – in your building. Learn how.
Proud CIO standing in front of boardroom after a successful meeting where she led the conversation about energy efficiency.

Why CIOs can lead the energy-efficiency conversation

CIOs looking to influence the innovation agenda should make energy efficiency a priority.
clothing store

Why energy efficiency? Customer experience

Your customers may notice you’re using less energy – and they’ll probably like it. Here’s how energy efficiency projects can make for happier customers and increased revenue.
woman giving presentation to an engaged group of colleagues

How to make your staff energy efficiency champions

Engaging employees is crucial for making energy efficiency part of your culture. And energy managers can be the deciding factor in getting all staff involved. Our experts explain why.
Employees bustling about in energy-efficient office building

Green buildings to inspire your next office reno

Here’s a look at some of Ontario’s greenest buildings to inspire your next upgrade.
Manager overlooking manufacturing plant floor

What is ISO 50001 and how can it help your business?

If you want to take energy efficiency to the next level, consider looking to this international standard for a framework to follow.
A hand working with a computer that is displaying energy data

Understanding your business' energy data

When it comes to energy efficiency, having the right information at your fingertips can have a positive impact on your bottom line.