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Response to COVID-19: As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold, in-person interactions for Save on Energy programs have temporarily ceased. This includes the installation of equipment by Save on Energy representatives for business and residential programs, as well as face-to-face customer interactions. The IESO will continue to accept new applications. Support continues to be available for customers by phone or email. Please visit the contact us page and for more information, read our FAQs.

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Open up your business to energy savings

Saving energy means improving your bottom line. With Save on Energy incentives for lighting, refrigeration and more, you can cut your electricity costs, improve efficiency and grow your business.
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From refrigeration to lighting, restaurants have high demands for energy. Whether you're making improvements to your dining area or your commercial kitchen, Save on Energy has some thing on the menu for you. 


Round-the-clock requirements mean grocery stores can use a lot of energy. The good news is, you can minimize your overhead costs, and pass on the savings to your customers, by investing in energy efficient equipment.


One size doesn't fit all when it comes to how retailers use energy. But whatever makes your space special, you can discover ways to save on your energy costs with help from Save on Energy.


It takes a lot of energy to run a farm, park or other agricultural business but there are also plenty of opportunities to find efficiency. Save on Energy incentive programs can help you uncover them.

Personal Care

In your business, appearance is everything. Enhance the gold star treatment you provide your clients with energy efficient solutions. Discover how Save on Energy programs can help.