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Home Assistance Program

You already do your best to save money. The Home Assistance Program can help you better manage your monthly electricity costs and improve your home comfort.

To sign up or learn more about the program, call
1-855-591-0877, email hap@greensaver.org or fill out a contact form to receive a call back from the program service provider within two business days.

First Nations Conservation Program

The First Nation Conservation Program provides free energy-efficient upgrades to homes in participating communities to help save energy and make your home more comfortable.

Buying Guides

Heating and Cooling program

The Heating and Cooling program is now closed.

Thank you to all participating contractors and those who took part in the program.

Be aware

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) does not call consumers to solicit participation in its programs through door-to-door sales calls or the inspection of any equipment.