Save on Energy Program Information

Supporting information for Save on Energy programs under the 2021-2024 CDM Framework.

The 2021-2024 Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Framework focuses on cost-effectively meeting the needs of customers and the electricity system. At its mid-term, the framework is on track to achieve its original energy and demand savings target. In the remaining two years, enhancements will be made to the programs to reflect changing market conditions and customer feedback. While Save on Energy programs are currently leveraging all feasible energy-efficiency opportunities in Ontario, the 2021-2024 CDM Framework Mid-Term Review highlights the benefit of expanded targets post-2024.

Business and Industry

Programs for First Nations

Residential Programs and Resources

Additional resources and opportunities

Coming in 2023

Save on Energy continues to develop new programs to respond to customer feedback. The following new Save on Energy programs are planned to launch in 2023:

  • Strategic Energy Management program, an evolution of the Energy Manager program that provides training, resources and enhanced technical support to companies with a dedicated energy manager.
  • Existing Building Commissioning program, which will help find opportunities to optimize operations and improve energy efficiency based on current facility requirements.
  • Commercial Midstream Lighting program, with lighting incentives for lighting distributors to increase sales of energy-efficient lighting through point-of-sale discounts.
  • Additional local initiatives in targeted areas of the province where electricity constraints exist.

The IESO also continues to evaluate its current program offering and may introduce program changes – such as additional measures and new delivery approaches – throughout the remainder of the four-year framework.

On October 4, 2022, new and enhanced programs were announced to be launched by Spring 2023. These include:

  • A new residential demand response program for homes with existing central air conditioning and smart thermostats to help lower energy use at peak times
  • Targeted support for greenhouse growers in Southwest Ontario, including incentives to install LED lighting, advanced controls or behind-the-meter distributed energy resources (DER), such as combined solar generation and battery storage
  • Enhancements to the Save on Energy Business Retrofit Program for businesses, institutional and industrial customers to include custom energy-efficiency projects
  • Enhancements to the Save on Energy Local Initiatives Program to reduce barriers to participation and to add flexibility for incentives for DER solutions.

Stay tuned for more information on these initiatives as they become available.