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Resources and Support

Materials to support your Retrofit project from start to finish.

Application Resources

Use our Top Tips document to ensure your Retrofit application has a smooth ride through its technical review.

Top tips for a smooth application PDF

Have a question about QA/QC? We have you covered. Download our guide to learn more about the QA/QC process.

QA/QC Guidelines

Read our best practices on taking and submitting photos for your Retrofit application.                                                

Photo Requirements

Understanding the Retrofit Process

Unsure of where to start with the Retrofit program? Check out this clear and simple, step-by-step graphic that outlines the Retrofit process from start to finish

Download the infographic now >

How-to videos

Registering for the Program

Interested in applying for the Retrofit program? Here's how to create an account and sign into the Retrofit portal.

Creating a Retrofit Application

Ready to start your application? Here's how to create and submit a Retrofit Application.

Recalling an Application

You can quickly recall an Application if you have submitted one with errors. Note that you won't be able to recall an application once the IESO begins its review.

Copying an Application

If you have similar Retrofit projects, you can copy an existing Application to speed up the process.

Submitting an Amended Application

Just in case – here’s how to request a change to your pre-approved Retrofit Application. This function will be unavailable if you have already submitted your Post-Project Submission.

Creating a Post-Project Submission

You'll need to submit a Post-Project Submission once your project is complete so you can receive your incentive. Here's how to create and submit one.

Submitting a Final Invoice

Once your Post-Project Submission is approved by the IESO, the next step is to submit a Final Invoice to receive your incentive.

Looking for additional support?

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