Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most asked Instant Discounts Program questions.

What is the Instant Discounts program?

The Instant Discounts program is a hassle-free way to get instant savings on energy-efficient lighting that will help to lower your business’s energy consumption, improve your bottom line and transform your space.

The program provides upfront discounts at the point of sale from participating distributors on the purchase of energy-efficient lighting products. There is no paperwork you’ll need to fill out or waiting to receive a discount on your purchase.

What types of businesses are able to purchase discounted lighting?

Instant, point-of-sale discounts are available for a variety of existing commercial, agricultural, industrial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings and facilities in Ontario that purchase eligible lighting products from participating distributors/dealers. For more information about eligibility, please refer to our program requirements.

Where can I find a list of participating distributors offering discounts?

A list of participating distributors will be published on the program website once the program launches in mid-December. Please check the list regularly for updates.

Are the discounts available for soon-to-be or newly constructed facilities?  

Discounts for lighting under the Instant Discounts program is only available for retrofits to existing buildings where less-efficient lighting previously existed. This will be determined at the point of purchase.

I have or will receive lighting upgrades as part of another Save on Energy program. Am I able to purchase lighting through the Instant Discounts program?

Yes, customers are eligible to purchase and receive discounts through the Instant Discounts program for eligible lighting products that they did not already receive an incentive for through another Save on Energy program.

Why aren’t discounts for lighting controls available through the Instant Discounts program?

Incentives for lighting controls will continue to be offered through other Save on Energy programs, including the Retrofit program’s prescriptive stream, the Small Business Program and the BizEnergySaver program. Please visit the Save on Energy website for more information.

Why aren’t discounts for horticultural lighting available through the Instant Discounts program?

Incentives for horticultural lighting will continue to be offered through the Retrofit program’s prescriptive stream. Please visit the Retrofit program web page for more information.

I’m interested in being a participating distributor. How do I do apply?

Please contact us at 1-888-351-0034 if you are interested in becoming a participating distributor.

I already have a pre-approved Retrofit program application for lighting before December 17, 2023. Will I still receive an incentive?

Retrofit program applications for lighting measures that have been pre-approved or submitted for pre-approval prior to or on December 17, 2023, will continue to be eligible to receive an incentive after program requirements are met.

However, to avoid duplication of incentives paid, and disqualification for Retrofit program incentives, Retrofit program participants must not accept the Save on Energy Instant Discounts program incentive from participating distributors when purchasing lighting measures. Participating distributors will start offering instant discounts on December 18, 2023. 

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the Retrofit program or the Instant Discounts program?

If you have any questions about the Retrofit program, please contact your Save on Energy representative or the Retrofit Support Line at or 1-844-303-5542. For questions about the Instant Discounts program, please call 1-888-351-0034.