Applying for Retrofit program incentives

Retrofit applications are made through an online portal available on the Save on Energy website. All other business program applications must be made directly through the program provider in your area.

To get started, you must create a user account as an applicant or applicant representative. Once you’ve registered, you can access online application forms and submit project applications.

Please note: For applicants and representatives working with Hydro Ottawa, use to submit Retrofit applications.

Get started nowApply for Retrofit program incentives.

Submitting an application

The application process comprises four main sections:

  1. Project authorization: Confirm you are authorized to complete the program application.
  2. Contact information: Insert applicant information, as well as any relevant details regarding project contacts or third-party contributors.
  3. Site and project details: Input all relevant details of your project as well as the project site.
  4. Application confirmation and submission: Confirm the details of your application and submit it.

You can assign the application to a representative who will have access to the application and can fill it out on your behalf.

Please note that if you are an applicant representative, the final application submission must be completed by the applicant directly (business, institution, or government). Notify your client when the application is ready, and they will submit it from their account.

Project types and requirements

Two project types are available under the Retrofit program: prescriptive and custom. Depending on whether you’re pursuing a prescriptive or custom track measure, supporting documents must be provided.

  • Prescriptive projects: project information, completed worksheets and technology spec sheets must be submitted along with the program application.

  • Custom projects: project information and completed worksheets must be submitted. Depending on the size of your project incentive, a measurement and verification (M&V) plan may be required as well.

You’ll be able to include multiple facilities in one application.

You can find Retrofit program project worksheets here.

Keep in mind

  • Prior to commencing your project, your local hydro company or local program provider needs to pre-approve the application and your participant agreement.
  • After completing your project, you must submit evidence of project completion to receive the financial incentive.

You can always log back in to check the status of your application(s), edit your account details or submit new applications for more funding.