For information about the value of conservation, energy efficiency guides or research, check here for publications from the IESO and its partners.

Link to The Bottom Line on Energy Management

The Bottom Line on Energy Management

This guide explains electricity pricing for businesses and discusses ways to reduce costs by managing how and when you use electricity. It highlights the role professional energy managers play in an organization; explains the elements of business electricity bills – including how to manage your global adjustment costs; and makes the case for demand response.

Link to Save on Energy Program Guide for Business

Save on Energy Program Guide for Business

Here’s a quick overview of all Save on Energy programs for business. Take a look and see which ones can help your business kick-start new energy efficiency projects.

Link to IESO 2016 Conservation Results Report

IESO 2016 Conservation Results Report

In 2016, Ontarians saved enough electricity to power approximately 300,000 homes for one year. That’s just one sign of a steady cultural shift toward greater energy efficiency. More people than ever understand the value of using energy wisely and say they know what to do to conserve. Read more about the IESO’s conservation program results in its Annual Conservation Results Report.

Link to Demand Response publication

Demand Response

Shifting when you use energy can be an effective cost-cutting strategy for many businesses. Here’s an introduction to the basics of demand response (DR) and the many ways to participate in DR programs in Ontario.

Sector-Specific Publications

Link to Ontario Municipal Energy Profile

Ontario Municipal Energy Profile

Ontario’s municipalities are achieving strong results when it comes to managing their energy costs. According to a report prepared for the IESO and the Ontario Ministry of Energy by ICF Canada, they have decreased their electricity consumption by six percent since 2006 – in part due to their participation in Save on Energy programs.

Read the full report

Read the summary

LED Streetlight Research Series

LED Streetlights on roads or in parking lots can transform municipal operations – by reducing energy and maintenance costs – and making communities safer. These 2017 reports prepared by Lightsavers Canada demonstrates the value of making the switch to LED in public spaces.

The Realized Results of LED Streetlights: Seizing the opportunity

LED Lighting for Parking Facilities: A Lightsavers primer

Model Technical Specifications for Procurement of LED Luminaires in Canada

Building Intelligent Communities with Advance Streetlighting

Link to Operating Room Ventilation Systems Best Practices Guide

Operating Room Ventilation Systems Best Practices Guide

Ventilation in hospital ORs is a high-energy intensive service. This report prepared by Greening Health Care provides insights into best practices adopted by various hospitals throughout Ontario to reduce costs and improve patient care.