efficient electrification toolkit

Efficient electrification toolkit

The Efficient Electrification Toolkit is designed to help organizations make informed decisions about electrifying building heating based on their specific building configuration, energy needs and objectives.

This information, learning resources and technical tools to help organizations across Ontario address the carbon-reduction goals for their buildings in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner.

1. Identify building needs and set objectives

Understand the energy needs of your building, including its electrical service capacity, HVAC system configuration and available space to establish informed and realistic objectives. This is key to achieving your goals!

establish goals and constraints


Efficient Building Electrification: The Efficient Electrification Toolkit

February 28, 2024

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2. Reduce heating demand

Reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a building through envelope and mechanical upgrades to improve energy performance and reduce the capital cost of new heat pump systems.

reduce heating demand

3. Optimize HVAC systems

Reduce energy waste in your building mechanical systems through temperature controls, zoning and heat recovery.

optimize the hvac system

4. Electrify heating systems

Analyze and compare the energy use and capital and operating cost performance of heat pumps and other electrical heating systems.

electrify heating systems


Using the Efficient Electrification Toolkit Resources

March 21, 2024

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Efficient Building Electrification for Municipalities

November 15, 2022

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5. Balance heating and cooling sources

Compare the cost and GHG emissions implications of different heating and cooling fuels, including those used in hybrid and all-electric heating and cooling systems.

balance heating cooling sources