Watts, kelvins and lumens, oh my!

We’re used to looking at watts to determine a bulb’s brightness, but LEDs have changed the game. Since they use less energy they use fewer watts, so it’s better to look at lumens and kelvins to determine your LED bulb purchase.

Lumens are a measure of a bulb’s brightness, the higher the lumen the brighter the bulb. Kelvins measure colour temperature which can range from warmer, yellow-toned to cooler, soft white.

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‘Brrr.’ isn’t something you should be saying indoors 


Use weather stripping on windows and doors in your home to help seal cracks that let cold drafts in; because an airtight home benefits not only your energy costs but your comfort as well. 

houseplants to help with managing humidity
Plants –
the all-natural humidifiers

Some indoor plants like Peace lilies, Boston ferns and English ivy can help add humidity to the air and reduce your need for a humidifier in drier winter months. Desert-thriving succulents, such as aloe, may also help.

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Add some smarts to your heating and cooling system


A smart thermostat acts as your home’s temperature moderator. Watch Bryan Baeumler explain what else makes them so smart and how they can help you save on your energy use.

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Here's how to game efficiently!

Did you know that gaming consoles still use energy while in sleep mode? Phantom power is the power that’s drawn when electronics are not in use.

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home smart device sitting on top of table
Smart lighting is about more than just bulbs 

If you're looking to upgrade your home's lighting, think outside of only smart bulbs. Consider smart options like plugs and switches as well. Smart lighting provides a convenient way to not only manage your home's lighting but help you save energy.

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