A smart thermostat

Get the biggest savings from your smart thermostat

Nest Tips

Set your eco temperature

Your eco temperature is the temperature your Nest will set the house to when no one is home. There is a large eco temperature range available for winter months, but when the cold arrives, set your thermostat between 18-21°C and in the warmer months set the range between 24-32°C. The more efficient your temperatures, the bigger your savings – but don’t forget to consider the comfort of plants and pets.

Look for the leaf

The leaf will display on your thermostat when your temperature setting helps save energy. The more you see the leaf, the more you’ll save.

Vacation mode on = Nest "off"

If you’re going on vacation, set your Nest to "Off". It will turn back on if you reach safety temperatures, and prevent damage to your home from extreme heat or cold.

Don't crank it

If you significantly raise and lower the temperature in your home, your Nest will learn these patterns and make a schedule around them. Plus, it’s best just to set your thermostat to your desired temperature – setting it much lower or higher is not faster than setting it to the temperature you want.

Ecobee Tips

Set a schedule

Input when you tend to wake up, leave your home, come back home, go to bed and any other patterns you can think of, and then set the temperatures for each portion of the schedule. This means you can save energy when no one is home, or when you’re sleeping.

Enable WiFi

Connect your ecobee to your WiFi so it can pull information about the weather to help your home maintain its temperature more efficiently and prevent it from running unnecessarily.

Smart home/away

This setting uses your sensors* to determine whether you’re home or away, and can override your schedule to provide even better savings, or a more comfortable temperature.
*If your model has them

What makes a smart home, smart?

Smart technology can help make your home more comfortable, safe and energy efficient. Learn how.

Use the app

This gives you more control and allows you to set the temperature from outside your home. It’s really helpful for times when you forget to set the desired temperature when you’re away.

For more information about your smart thermostat, visit the Nest or ecobee websites.

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