Training incentives for your business

Save on Energy provides incentives for a range of training programs, making it easy for your team to access the most relevant, up-to-date training.

How can your company save more energy?

It’s a simple question that can lead to thousands, possibly even millions of dollars in savings. All it takes is one person to trigger change throughout an entire business.

Retrofit program

Upgrade your equipment for less with rebates for energy-saving retrofits.

Building energy champions

Learn how engaging staff can help achieve your energy-saving goals.

Energy efficiency,  first-hand

Discover how companies like yours succeed through energy efficiency.

Improving practices results in real savings

Maximize the energy efficiency of your equipment and facilities to reveal potential savings.

Inside Greater Sudbury's path to energy savings

When it comes to energy-efficiency, the city of Greater Sudbury is benefiting today while planning for the future.

Why energy efficiency? Customer experience

Your customers may notice you’re using less energy – and they’ll probably like it. Here’s how energy efficiency projects can make for happier customers and increased revenue.

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