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Transform your business with energy efficiency.  
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Big savings for Small business

Small businesses find big benefits in switching to efficient energy

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Invest in people to improve your company’s bottom line

Build energy training into your business and plan for longterm savings.

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Improved practices results in real savings

By not optimizing their energy use, businesses ignore serious savings.

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Save on Energy Retrofit incentives reduce project and operational costs for energy-efficiency equipment upgrades – and open the door to new possibilities for your business.

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Small Business Lighting

Along with saving energy, new lights for your business can provide more attractive product displays and improve worker productivity.

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Energy Managers

Hire an energy manager to recommend and implement energy savings initiatives for your business. Your customers, employees, and your bottom line will thank you.

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Market Education

The bottom line on energy management. Learn how to make Ontario’s energy market work for your business.

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Demand Response

Learn how to improve the reliability of the electricity grid while lowering power systems costs.

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Local Hydro Company lookup

Ready to begin? Before starting your project contact your local hydro company to learn about available incentives and programs in your area.

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Stay informed on news, updates and changes to Save on Energy Programs.

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