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Yummy Market

Vaughan Grocery Store Saves Approximately $11,400 Annually Through LED Refrigeration Lighting Upgrade  

With almost $44,000 in saveONenergy incentives from its local hydro company, Yummy Market was able to retrofit its aging lighting and reduce annual electricity consumption by 57%.
Founded in 2002 by a European family, Yummy Market was opened to fill a need for the growing number of Europeans living in the Greater Toronto Area. The store’s mission is simple—it aims to offer an authentic European food experience to the clientele. As any grocer will know, in an industry where profit margins are small, any cost savings can make a huge impact to a business’s bottom line. That’s why Alexei Tsvetkov, CEO of Yummy Market, applied for incentives offered by the Save on Energy Retrofit Program, and has since significantly reduced energy-related costs and conserved enough energy to power more than 114 Canadian homes for an entire month.  
The project began when Alexei Tsvetkov was approached by Go With LED, an LED lighting company, that informed him of the incentives available to his business through the Save on Energy Retrofit Program delivered by his local hydro company. “They explained that there was a program to cover a portion of the costs to upgrade to energy-efficient lighting,” Alexei explains, “and once we were presented with the projected cost savings and benefits, we were sold.”
Yummy Market, recognized for its culture of innovation, wanted an indoor lighting solution that delivered energy savings and required little maintenance. “The refrigerators weren’t performing as well as they could have with the conventional lighting,” he says, “the maintenance — in terms of cost and upkeep—was really expensive. We were replacing bulbs almost every two weeks, which wasn’t ideal.”
Realizing that the lighting upgrade offered a great solution, the store’s management partnered with Go With LED and its local hydro company, PowerStream, to retrofit the premises and replace its outdated refrigeration T8 lights with 519 high efficiency LED lights. The entire installation process took just three days, as Alexei explains. “It was very easy,” he says, “it really had no impact on the day-to-day operations of the store, and when required, technicians were able to come after hours to install the new tubes.”
What’s more, with the total bill coming in at just under $50,000 inclusive of labour, Yummy Market received a cheque covering over 85% of the cost from the Save on Energy incentive. The upgrades will save approximately 23.87 kW of demand and more than 114,000 kWh annually, which translates to almost $11,400 in annual electricity cost savings. 
The retrofit delivered a significant cost reduction and energy savings, along with an impressive high colour rendering index (CRI). This has resulted in fresher looking produce, redder meats and more appetizing prepared foods. Furthermore, the new high-spectrum LED lighting generates less heat, thus reducing the store’s refrigeration and cooling requirements. This has helped Yummy Market realize additional energy savings.
The Yummy Market team may also experience some unexpected benefits from the new lighting upgrades. “Some of our customers have commented on the extended shelf life of their fresh produce,” Raymond Okonowski, President of Go With LED explains, “High spectrum LED lighting doesn’t emit UV rays, which helps products stay fresher for longer.”
After hearing such positive feedback from both staff and customers, Alexei says his next step is to retrofit Yummy Market’s second location in North York. “If I can cut my energy costs, decrease the amount of time spent maintaining the store’s lighting and reduce our carbon footprint, why wouldn’t I?” He explains. “It makes good sense for myself, my business, and more importantly, the  environment.”  
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