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Restaurant Upgrades to LED Lamps to Cut Electricity Costs

For 27 years, Yueh Tung Restaurant has been serving up some of the finest Chinese cuisine. But its electricity bills were climbing higher, partly due to outdated lighting. With the help of Save on Energy Small Business Lighting program, owner Mei Liu and her daughter Jo were able to install LED lighting and watch their electricity costs shrink dramatically.

Mrs. Liu’s restaurant was an ideal candidate for an LED lighting retrofit based on its power usage and the potential for savings. Mrs. Liu decided to proceed with the project based on the potential electricity savings and added bonus of the Small Business Lighting program incentives. “Right now, with the cost of energy rising so fast, we wanted to take advantage of it immediately,” she said.

Lighting is a crucial element to a restaurant in creating mood and ambience. Restaurants like Yueh Tung can be open for business 12 hours a day, so lighting can be a big chunk of the electricity bill.

LED lights are up to 75% more energy efficient than incandescent lights. In addition, they have 25 times the lifespan of conventional incandescent bulbs and also come in a variety of styles and colour temperatures that provide a high quality, energy efficient light to suit any desired ambiance.

The new 8 watt ENERGY STAR LED bulbs installed at Yueh Tung replaced halogen bulbs that consumed 50 watts each. Two certified electricians installed the entire set in 90 minutes with hardly any business disruption.

Small businesses like Yueh Tung can participate in the Small Business Lighting program just by calling their hydro company. Local hydro companies, such as Toronto Hydro, can connect participants with certified electrical contractors to tailor a lighting retrofit to suit their needs, while also reducing their energy consumption and delivering savings. The Small Business Lighting program is offered by local hydro companies throughout the province to help businesses manage their energy consumption and reduce their energy costs.

Mrs. Liu is looking forward to having her electricity costs reduced significantly. “That’s why I did it. I just wanted to cut my electricity costs now with energy prices going up,” she said. In addition to cost savings, the new lighting also gives off much less heat than the outdated equipment it replaced, according to Jo Liu, Mei’s daughter, who also works at Yueh Tung. “It’s a little less hot with the new lights, which makes a difference, especially in the summer.” “I would definitely tell others to look into the Save on Energy incentives. It was very easy and it helps the environment,” said Mrs. Liu.

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