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Ropak Packaging

Ropak Packaging Upgrades Lighting and Manufactures Over 670,000 kWh in Yearly Savings 

Ropak Packaging’s 160,000 square foot facility runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With the focus on reducing overhead costs and improving process efficiency, Ropak turned to replacing their dated lighting system in order to reduce electricity consumption. 
The Oakville based facility requires lighting continuously on to light the production of millions of tons of plastic containers annually that are made for a range of products, from kitty litter to dish detergent to motor oil.
The lighting at the Oakville plant had been a focus for some time. Most of the facility was lit by  inefficient and high-cost 1,000W and 480W lights that were never turned off since they took too long to come back on. “You’re basically waiting in the dark for them to start back up again and get back to work,” said Don DiFlorio, Project Manager at Ropak Packaging.
The new lamps were installed in a few target areas of the facility to test the impact of the lighting change. “With those positive results obvious, we began scheduling to complete the work for the entire facility,” said Mr. DiFlorio.
The replacement of the remaining metal halide fixtures was completed about a month later, when more than 500 fixtures in total were replaced.

The total cost of the lighting replacement project at Ropak in Oakville was $100,000. The Save on Energy Retrofit Program provided $14,000 in incentives towards the lighting and Natural Resources Canada also provided funding.
“It was good first step to better control our energy costs,” Mr. DiFlorio said. “The incentives made a significant difference in moving ahead with the project.” 
The $56,000 cost savings that Ropak has seen by installing the new lighting system has underscored the high financial value of energy efficiency. “We have formed an Energy Reduction Team that is focused on reductions in all forms of energy from all sources,” DiFlorio explained.
The undertaking produced savings of more than 670,000 kWh a year and $56,000 in electricity costs.
“The next steps for us are monitoring, metering and sub-metering to find out what components are taking up what part of the electricity bill. We need to get a handle on how much it is costing to run individual machines and identify which machines can be modified to reduce costs,” DiFlorio said.
Ropak is also focusing on increasing employee awareness of energy efficiency. This includes making employees aware of energy-saving opportunities in the facility, ranging from shutting off lights to shutting down equipment when it is not needed. “There is a lot of saving that can come from zero to minimal capital investment,” said DiFlorio.
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