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McMichael Canadian Art Collection

McMichael Canadian Art Collection Saves Over $9,000 Per Year With Energy-Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Through LED lighting upgrades, the gallery saved over 88,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy and reduced annual energy costs by $9,000. It was important for the McMichael Canadian Art Collection to ensure the artwork’s appearance would not be affected when considering the lighting upgrade. The gallery’s use of LED lighting not only produced energy savings but allowed it to maintain the integrity of the artwork showcased.
Located in Kleinburg, Ontario, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection exhibits Canadian artists, offering visitors a unique opportunity to view some of Canada’s finest art pieces and to truly experience Canadian culture. The McMichael offers a diverse collection to keep its audience of over 100,000 visitors engaged as they walk through the gallery each year.

Installing bulbs that produce too much heat can damage the paintings and choosing lighting with the wrong colour can affect the appearance of the artwork. The McMichael learned that it would benefit greatly from installing LED lighting, as the technology produces very little heat and the colour rendition improved the art displays.
Choosing the LED technology proved to be valuable since it did not compromise the illumination of the art and therefore did not negatively impact the public’s gallery experience. The gallery also expects to benefit from additional energy savings, as the bulbs will not need to be replaced as often as incandescent bulbs and the building’s temperature will not need to be adjusted to accommodate the extra heat they produce.
In an effort to reduce energy costs and improve the life of its existing fixtures, the gallery decided to upgrade its aging lighting system with a more energy-efficient solution. The McMichael takes great pride in its environmentally sustainable efforts and is always looking for ways to reduce costs and save energy.
The McMichael learned about financial incentives available through their local hydro company, PowerStream, for upgrading to more energy-efficient products. These incentives allowed it to become the first art gallery in Ontario to install LED lighting throughout its facility. It was also the first public art gallery in Canada to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Existing Buildings: Operations and Management (LEED® EB: O&M)Silver certification.
The McMichael Canadian Art Collection participated in the Save on Energy Retrofit Program offered by PowerStream, receiving more than $21,000 to help with the costs associated with the LED lighting upgrade. The Retrofit Program offers financial incentives of up to 50 percent of the project costs for replacing existing equipment with high-efficiency equipment, and for installing new control systems that will improve the efficiency of a building’s operational procedures and processes. Save on Energy For Business programs are delivered by local hydro companies across Ontario.
The upgrade resulted in over 88,000 kWh of energy savings and reduced annual energy costs by $9,000. With these great results and positive feedback from the staff and public, the McMichael is confident in its lighting choice.
“The gallery is very pleased with the look and feel of the new lighting,” said James Felice, Facilities Manager at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. “There are many reasons for businesses such as ours to consider an LED lighting upgrade, but the greatest benefit comes from the cost savings of not having to replace bulbs and the energy savings resulting from the LED technology itself.”   
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