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Energy Manager Training Incentive

Manage Your Energy – Save Money. And receive up to $1600

Managing energy in an entire plant or group of buildings can be a huge responsibility and require a significant level of knowledge and expertise. Large commercial and institutional buildings can benefit from having a fully-trained energy manager that can directly influence energy performance.

What is Energy Management?
Undertakings in energy efficiency have historically been focused on investments in new technologies and end uses as quick, short-term solutions. Energy management is beginning to grow as the most sustainable investment energy by engraining energy saving into the culture of the organization and its day-to-day functions.

Help Your Customers of Your Facility Manage Their Energy Use
You can help your customers or your facility manage their energy use through the Save on Energy ENERGY MANAGER TRAINING INCENTIVE to secure comprehensive, practical training that will give you the tools you need to save money and energy by tracking consumption, monitoring energy expenditures, and identifying savings opportunities. And it all helps Ontario become more competitive by being more energy-efficient. Qualifying professionals may receive training incentives up to $1600 plus industry-recognized professional designation.

How Do I Qualify?
Participants must meet certain education and experience requirements to qualify for the ENERGY MANAGER TRAINING INCENTIVE. You may be eligible to take this training if you:
  • have successfully completed the training and have received certification
  • meet the professional eligibility criteria as set out by AEE
  • currently employed to provide energy management services including monitoring of energy use and designing and implementing opportunities and capital projects with an energy conservation and demand management component at single or multiple buildings or facilities with:
    • an aggregate minimum summer peak demand of 2 mW, and,
    • a minimum of 2 million square feet.
  • have not previously received this incentive.
How Does it Work?
1. Ensure that you qualify for the incentive by reading the ENERGY MANAGER TRAINING INCENTIVE Application and Training Incentive Agreement

2. Take the training and/or certification offered by the Canadian Institute for Energy Training or Association of Energy Engineers 

3. Fill in the Save on Energy ENERGY MANAGER TRAINING INCENTIVE Application and Training Incentive Agreement and submit the completed forms and all required documentation to

For more information or to submit your Training Incentive Application, contact

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