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Commissioning Agent Certification Program Details

Commissioning Agent Certification Incentive - Up to $1600

Ensure Your Clients’ Buildings are at their Best! And receive up to $1600.
Get certified and give your company and your clients a competitive advantage by helping them:
  • optimize their energy use, 
  • improve indoor air quality,
  • reduce change orders during construction, 
  • extend the life of their building systems, and 
  • reduce operating and maintenance costs.
What is Commissioning?
Building commissioning is a quality assurance process used to ensure that new or existing buildings are operating as they were designed to – and that building operators are trained and ready to operate and maintain the building to its design standard.[1] As buildings and building systems become more and more complex, the need for building commissioning is even greater.

Help Your Clients Manage Risk
Make it easy for your clients to identify you and your company as a certified commissioning agent. With the Save on Energy COMMISSIONING AGENT CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE, qualifying professionals may receive incentives up to $1600 plus industry-recognized accreditation.

How Does it Work?
1. Ensure that you qualify for the incentive by reading the COMMISSIONING AGENT CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE Application and Training Incentive Agreement.

2. Choose from one of the following training and/or certification regimens that suits your needs: Each of these organizations offer industry-recognized certification for building commissioners

3. Take the training and/or certification offered by one of the organizations above.

4. Fill out the Save on Energy COMMISSIONING AGENT CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE Application and Training Incentive Agreement  and submit the completed forms and all required documentation to

How Do I Qualify?
Participants must meet certain education and experience requirements to qualify for the COMMISSIONING AGENT CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE. You may be eligible to take this training if you:
  • have successfully completed the training and have received certification
  • posses a four-year engineering degree and are currently employed to provide commissioning-related services for new and existing commercial and institutional, industrial and multi-family buildings specifically in the areas of HVAC or process engineering design, construction project management, facilities management, testing or adjusting and balancing;
  • have not previously received an incentive for commissioning agent training and certification.
For more information or to submit your Training Incentive Application, contact

[1]Adapted from Recommissioning Guide for Building Owners and Managers, Canmet Energy, March 2008, p. 3.

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