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Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)® Certification Incentive

Verify Your Customer’s Energy Efficiency Investments -- and receive up to $1000

Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVPs)® are a critical ingredient in helping businesses and other organizations in Ontario save energy. Help your clients save money and make smart investments in energy efficiency by giving them reliable and accurate information on how much their energy efficiency projects will save.

What is Measurement and Verification?
Measurement and verification (M&V) is the process of quantifying and reporting the results of energy efficiency projects. The importance of this practice is two-fold:
  • it helps customers know how their projects have fared, and 
  • encourages further investments in energy efficiency.
Give Your Customers Confidence in Savings
The Save on Energy CMVP CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE will help you get the industry-recognized training and certification you need to become an accredited evaluator. By getting your CMVP accreditation, you can give your clients the confidence that a proposed energy efficiency project will get them the savings they are looking for. Qualifying professionals may receive incentives of up to $1000 plus industry-recognized accreditation.

How Does it Work?
Ensure that you qualify for the incentive by reading the CMVP CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE Application and Training Incentive Agreement.

2. Choose from one of the following training and/or certification regimens that suits your needs: Each of these organizations offers industry-recognized certification for qualified M&V professionals.

3. Take the training and certification offered by one of the organizations above.

4. Fill out the IESO’s Save on Energy CMVP CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE Application and Training Incentive Agreement and submit the completed forms and all required documentation to

How Do I Qualify?
Participants must meet certain education and experience requirements to qualify for the CMVP CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE. You may be eligible to take this training if you:
  • have successfully completed the training and have received certification;
  • meet the professional eligibility criteria as set out by AEE and are currently employed to provide measurement and verification services for electricity conservation and demand management (CDM) projects to large commercial & institutional and industrial customers in Ontario; 
  • have provided, or intend to provide, evaluation, measurement and verification services to the IESO, or to a local hydro company for commercial & institutional or industrial electricity customers in Ontario; 
  • have not previously received an incentive for measurement and verification training and certification.
For more information or to submit your Training Incentive Application, contact

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