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Ontario is becoming more and more energy efficient - and there are so many more savings opportunities beyond the installation of new, more energy efficient equipment. In fact, without the right training, we’re leaving savings opportunities on the table.

That’s why the IESO’s Save on Energy TRAINING & SUPPORT initiatives will help you get access to the most up-to-date training you need to help save you money and become more energy efficient. On top of that, we’ll help you pay for it!

Get industry-recognized accreditation or training in building commissioning from one of three recognized organizations. This will help your customers readily identify you and your company as an accredited building commissioning agent.
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Get industry-recognized accreditation to become a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional®. These skills are useful for verifying energy savings from large custom projects for which your customers may be applying for incentives. This accreditation will help your customers readily identify you and your company as an accredited CMVP professional.
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Take training that will teach you how to identify and implement winning opportunities to save energy in your organization. You will learn how to track energy consumption, identify savings opportunities and most of all, save money and reduce your bottom line.
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