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Monitoring and Targeting Systems

Ever wonder just how efficient your operation is in its use of energy?  It’s hard to really answer that question without first measuring your energy consumption relative to, for example, units of production. This would give you a benchmark, but where do you go from there?  The next step is to make changes to operational processes with a view to reducing the process energy intensity relative to your benchmark.

The Monitoring and Targeting program will provide you with great ways to help you understand your current energy consumption, and then help you further understand how your energy consumption might be reduced, by experimenting with different operational changes to your processes. 

Your facility energy manager, who regularly oversees energy usage, will now be able to use historical energy consumption performance to analyse and set targets. Typically this gives the ability to identify and reduce variations in energy consumption as a result of operational variability, improving overall energy-efficiency by between 5 and 10%.

Your local hydro company will provide funding, toward 80% of actual eligible costs (less any third party contributions), of up to $75,000 per site to purchase, install and make operational a monitoring and targeting system. Your company must contribute a minimum 20% of the actual project cost. 

To be eligible, here are the requirements that your company must meet:
  • The facility must have a resident energy manager to ensure the monitoring and targeting system is managed;
  • The facility must demonstrate by the end of the second year of operation, 0.2 MW in peak demand savings and 0.2 MW x Facility Load Factor x 8,760 hours in energy savings; 
  • The participant must commit to implementing projects with less than a one-year payback period;
  • The participant must agree to provide annual reports of opportunities implemented as a result of the monitoring and targeting system, for a period of five years. 
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