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Energy Manager Incentive Program

Energy managers program

Energy managers mean business. Energy managers are trained to find energy savings, identify smart energy investments, secure financial incentives, and unleash competitive advantage. Can your business afford not to hire one? 

Energy managers have the technical expertise to recommend energy-saving equipment and technologies that are right for your business. And they have the project management skills to implement your business’ energy management strategy – working directly with your operations team, vendors and service providers, and managing financial incentives that support project success and benefit your company’s bottom-line.

Incentives through Save on Energy are available to help bring an energy manager onto your team.

  • To see if the Energy Manager program is available through your local hydro company, click the My Programs page link and enter your postal code. Contact your hydro company for more information.
  • Transmission-connected? If you have a transmission-connected facility, an Energy Manager Program is available through Industrial Accelerator. For more information, contact your IESO Business Manager, email or visit
  • Organizations and associations representing sectors of Ontario customers will provide energy management expertise and achieve conservation savings. This new program will be available soon.

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