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1. Find the local hydro company that services the building site. A representative will provide you with relevant documents and assist you in completing your application.
If you know the LDC, contact it now
2. Complete Preliminary Application Project Worksheet and submit to LOCAL HYDRO COMPANY
• Home builders and renovators must obtain pre-approval from their participating local hydro company prior framing or commencement of any structural work other than the pouring of foundation
3. Receive approval to proceed from local hydro company

4. Complete construction

5. Complete Final Application Project Worksheet, agree to Terms and Conditions, and submit with Supporting Documentation to the local hydro company.
• Ensure you submit the following Supporting Documentation with your Final Application Project Worksheet
i. For Prescriptive Based Incentives
1. Occupancy permits for every home
ii. For Performance Based Incentives
1. The EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report for every home or a copy of the ENERGY STAR® Qualified New Home Certificate signed by a qualified energy advisor
2. Occupancy permits for every home
iii. For Custom Based Incentives
1. The completed Resource Planning Tool
2. Receipts and Invoices for project cost details
3. Occupancy permits for every home
This overview is intended to give you an easy-to-understand guide to the Initiative, but may not be complete. Please ensure that you meet all of the eligibility and participation requirements. If you have any questions, please contact your local hydro company. 

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