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How to Receive Financial Incentives under the Engineered Track for Lighting Upgrades

The application process for receiving financial incentives for lighting upgrades is outlined below. Please contact your LDC for a representative to provide you with relevant documents and assist you in completing your application. 
If you don’t know it, find your LDC now.  
Step 1: 
Complete and submit the pre-project engineered incentive forms to your local electric utility for pre-approval.  Information requested may include product details, calculations and assumptions.

The following documents must be submitted either by mail or electronically to your local electric utility for review. Select which engineered worksheet is applicable to your project:
Step 2:  
Your local electric utility will review the application and respond to the application in a timely manner.  A customer service representative from your local electric utility may also be able to assist in completing the form if any modifications are required after the document is submitted, and may require a site visit designed to verify the baseline electricity consumption data.
Step 3:
After the installation is complete, fill out and submit the Post-Project Submission Form, as well as any invoices to your local electric utility. An onsite visit will be required to verify the installation and validate the project’s savings assessment.
Step 4: 
Your local electric utility will approve project savings and the resulting incentive payment, based on your project invoices and the assessed demand reduction or energy savings.
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