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Receive up to 50% of Project Costs for Upgrading Compressors and Compressed Air Systems

Upgrade or replace compressors and compressed air systems with incentives to shorten payback periods, reduce capital costs, and cut operating expenses.

Available Prescriptive Incentives

Determine your incentive based on the equipment installed. The table below is for ease of reference. Participants should refer to the program documents for further details. 




VSD Compressor $100 / hp. Up to 75 hp
Variable Displacement Compressor $80 / hp. Up to 75 hp
Zero Loss Drains $100 / drain

Available Engineered and Custom Incentives

Incentives are available for upgrading compressed air systems and compressors. Incentive amounts are based on one year of electricity savings and are calculated at either $800/kW of reduced demand or $.10/kWh of reduced consumption. Choose an Engineered or Custom approach depending on your project.

Compressed Air Guide
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Please review all terms and conditions in the Participant Agreement.

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