Two happy golden retrievers

A New Pet-Of-View on Energy Efficiency

Our pets are always keeping a watchful eye on things happening around our homes – including our energy habits. Believe it or not, they actually have some tips up their paws about how to use energy more wisely at home!

Saving energy in your home is easier than you might think. There are many cost-effective ways to reduce your home’s energy usage, save on your monthly energy bills and increase comfort for every member of your family – including the furry ones!

Tune in to these easy to adopt tips that will paw-sitively make your home a more energy-efficient space!

Shuba the Siberian

When it comes to saving energy, Shuba the Siberian has some great tips that can make your home a cozier, more energy-efficient place.

Learn how to use energy more wisely with Shuba

Oreo, Onyx and Pudding

Cats are known to be quite intuitive - this is especially true when it comes to finding ways to use energy more wisely around the home.

Check out these great tips from this clever cat trio

Sterling and Colin

These power pups show us that there are more ways than one to save energy around the home.

See our energy-saving tips

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