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Oreo, Onyx and Pudding

Save time and energy by using your dishwasher

Dishwashers can be a real timesaver, especially since no one likes to spend time cleaning dirty dishes after a meal (with the exception of perhaps your pets). But, did you know that when it comes to using an energy-efficient dishwasher versus handwashing dishes, it’s no contest. Dishwashers win!

Most dishwashers use fewer than 15 litres of water for a full cycle, while handwashing dishes uses roughly 15 litres every two minutes. ENERGY STAR® dishwashers can also save you 26,400 litres of water a year on average – that’s almost 87 standard bathtubs full of water! So, go ahead and load your dishwasher with all your plates, bowls and cutlery – and even pots and pans. As an added bonus, running your dishwasher with less than a full load can still save you energy and water!

Go Further: Take advantage of your dishwasher’s settings for each load. Many models have options based on how dirty the dishes are, and use different amounts of water and heat to get your dishes clean. There are also options such as no-heat air drying that can help you save even more energy. Take our dishwasher quiz to test your knowledge and learn more.

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