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Want to do more for your business and your customers? Show your clientele how they can be even more competitive with Save on Energy incentives. Your customers can find energy and cost savings, and invest money back into their operations.

Show your customers how they can be more competitive, find energy savings and invest more money back into their businesses.

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Select your area of interest and learn more about each incentive program's benefits, including how to apply. (Note that additional types of equipment and process upgrades may be eligible for incentives.)

Compressed Air

Compressed air use is often a major portion of the energy consumption – and energy bill – of a business. With Save on Energy incentives, your customers can lower their energy use, reduce equipment downtime and save on long-term equipment costs. See Retrofit program and Process and Systems Upgrades.


Help your customers gain a brighter, safer workplace. The right lighting is critical for any environment, and Save on Energy incentives can help your customers make the switch to more efficient lighting, cutting energy costs and time spent changing bulbs. Visit the Retrofit program page to learn more.


Improving HVAC systems can have a major impact on your customers' energy efficiency and profitability. But it goes beyond that – better equipment can also improve things like air quality and comfort. See Retrofit program and Process and Systems Upgrades program.


Increase savings and reliability for your customers through upgrading to more efficient motors. Installing variable frequency drives (VFDs) can cut energy costs by up to 55 per cent, extending motor life and avoiding unscheduled repairs. See Retrofit program and Process and Systems Upgrades program.