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Making the case for energy efficiency can be tough - but training makes it easier

Knowing how to make the case for energy efficiency is just as important as your technical skill set.

Across Canada, commercial and institutional buildings account for an eighth of the country’s total energy use, and the number of these buildings is only set to grow over the next several years.

Energy is a controllable expense and energy efficiency has benefits beyond the bottom line, from increased productivity to a better customer experience, and more. Yet, despite being big energy users, some facility managers still may not be aware of how they can dramatically improve their businesses through energy efficiency.

Large-scale projects can be a tough sell, despite available incentives that help curb the costs. As a service provider, you likely already recognize many of the benefits of energy efficiency. But getting to “yes” with your customer requires strong communication skills. The ability to express the benefits of energy efficiency in a way that resonates with your customers makes all the difference for them and means more business for you.

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Learn to make the case

It’s with that in mind that the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET) developed a workshop that is geared toward those who complete retrofit projects or other energy-saving measures for their customers. The Making the Case for Energy Efficiency workshop arms you with the right information, tools and methods to communicate the value of energy-saving projects to customers, in the way they need to hear it.

This one-day workshop covers how to present energy efficiency and its benefits to every stakeholder in the strongest way possible. Plus, participants will learn how to understand different financial analysis terms and ratios, so they can speak the same language as their customers.

Participants will also develop and present complete, effective short proposals that encourage energy-efficiency projects.

The Making the Case workshop draws on information from the Dollars to $ense program, another valuable training opportunity for contractors and service providers. With over 30 different modules, the program is designed to be flexible for any organization interested in energy efficiency, whether it is ready to explore the fundamentals of energy or dive into specific measures, like heating and cooling or lighting systems.

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Boost your personal knowledge – and encourage your customers to do the same

The Dollars to $ense program is worth the time for any service provider. Along with building your sales skills through the Making the Case workshop, it’s never a bad idea to strengthen your energy-efficiency knowledge, so you can answer your customer’s questions with confidence. Gaining new perspectives on energy efficiency can give you a new point of view on your work and help you develop new best practices.

You can also encourage your customers to take Dollars to $ense workshops themselves, so they can learn more about how energy efficiency can strengthen their business. While technical expertise is critical for your success, so is the ability to articulate why energy efficiency matters. As you build your business, it’s vital to continually grow your knowledge so you can take your business – and your customers’ – to the next level. With the right training, you can.

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