Retrofit program measures and incentives

The Retrofit program will release semi-annual updates each spring and fall in the 2021-2024 period. As part of these updates, new measures and incentives are being added to the Retrofit program to enable businesses to continue to save on energy costs and to take advantage of a variety of technologies and products to help improve the overall operations of buildings and facilities.

Below is the list of measures and incentives currently available under the Retrofit program.

The incentives listed below are the maximum amounts offered. The actual amounts paid will depend on specific program requirements, including equipment size and eligible cost caps.

Note: This list has been updated to reflect changes made to the Retrofit program effective May 17, 2023.


High Bay Fixture

Measure Incentive (per unit)
LED Medium/High Bay Fixture Up to $150


Measure Incentive (per unit)
Horticultural Inter-lighting LED Grow Light Fixture $100
LED Grow Light - Cannabis Greenhouse $125
LED Grow Light - Cannabis Warehouse $200
LED Grow Light - Vegetable, Fruit and Flower Greenhouse $200
Greenhouse Advanced Lighting Control $0.35/kWh

Integral LED Fixture

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Integral Retrofit Kit (LED Troffer) Up to $25
8' LED Ambient Retrofit Kits Up to $20
Linear Ambient Fixture Up to $27
LED Troffer Up to $27

Lighting Controls

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Occupancy Sensor
(Fixture Mounted)
Up to $15
Occupancy Sensor
(Switch Plate Mounted)
Occupancy Sensor
(Ceiling/Wall Mounted)
Networked Lighting Controls $0.35/kWh

Low Bay

Measure Incentive (per unit)
LED Recessed Downlight Up to $12
LED Low Bay Fixture $14


Measure Incentive (per unit)
LED Reflector Spot Up to $10


Measure Incentive (per unit)
T5 Up to $6
T8 (Lamp) Up to $6

Display Case LED Fixture

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Refrigerated Display Case LED Fixture Up to $25


Rooftop Units

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Advanced Rooftop Unit Controls Up to $5,780


Measure Incentive (per unit)
HVAC Chiller - Air-Cooled Chiller $5.25/Ton/IPLV improvement
HVAC Chiller - Water-Cooled Centrifugal $5.25/Ton/IPLV improvement
HVAC Chiller - Water-Cooled Positive Displacement $5.25/Ton/IPLV improvement


Measure Incentive (per unit)
Room Air Conditioner – Window and Split Type $25
Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) Up to $180
Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP) Up to $275 
Unitary Air Conditioning Unit Up to $1,740
Unitary Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) - Single Package and Split System Up to $4,500

Fan Motors

Measure Incentive (per unit)
ECM Motor for HVAC Application
(Fan-Powered VAV Box)
Up to $100
ECM Motor for HVAC Application
(Fan Motor Replacement)
Circulator Pumps with ECMs Up to $770

HVAC Controls

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Hotel Occupancy Control (HVAC + Lighting) - Gas Heated $50
Hotel Occupancy Control (HVAC + Lighting - Electrically Heated $100
In-Suite Temperature Control for Electric Space Heating and Cooling $50
Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation Up to $3,500
Demand Control Ventilation - Garage Up to $13,300
Demand Control Ventilation - Interior Space Up to $17,400


Measure Incentive (per unit)
Doors for Open Refrigerated Display Cases Up to $5,000
Refrigeration Compressors Up to $375


Measure Incentive (per unit)
High-Efficiency Ventilation Exhaust Fan Up to $250

Manufacturing and other equipment


Measure Incentive (per unit)
Double Creep Heat Pad (200W maximum) $150
Dairy Plate Cooler $900
Dairy ENERGY STAR® Electric Water Heater $250
Single Creep Heat Pad
(100W maximum) 
Low-Energy Livestock Waterer
(300W maximum) 
Milk Scroll Compressor
Solar Hot Water Collector for Dairy Farms $1,190
High-Volume Low-Speed Fan Up to $2,410
High-Efficiency Ventilation Exhaust Fan Up to $250
Creep Heat Controller  $200

Agriculture - Dual and Natural Exhaust Ventilation System

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Chicken Broilers (per 1,000 birds) $270
Dairy-tie Stall, outside in summer (per cow) $28
Dairy-tie Stall, year round housing (per cow) $28
Egg Layers (per 1,000 birds) $320
Greenhouse - Flowers
(per 1,000 square metres)
Swine - Breeding and gestation
(per sow)
Swine - Growing and finishing
(per market weight hog)
Turkeys (per 1,000 birds) $900

Compressed Air

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Engineered Nozzle Up to $85
Compressed Air Low-Pressure Drop Filter (20 HP to 100 HP) Up to $730
Primary Air Receiver Tank Up to $7,640
Compressed Air Variable Displacement Compressor Up to $13,720
Compressed Air Variable Speed Drive Compressor Up to $17,140
Zero Loss Drain  $140


Measure Incentive (per unit)
ENERGY STAR® Refrigerator $60
Engine Block Heater Timer $20
Cycling or Thermal Mass Refrigerated Dryer Up to $410
High-Temperature Cutout Thermostat $60
Regenerative Dryer with Dewpoint Control $2,730
Injection Molding Machines Up to $50/rated clamping ton

Process Chillers

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Water-Cooled Centrifugal $30/Ton/IPLV improvement
Water-Cooled Positive Displacement $30/Ton/IPLV improvement

Manufacturing Controls

Measure Incentive (per unit)
Beverage Vending Machine Controls $140


Measure Incentive (per unit)
Open Drip-Proof (ODP) Motor Up to $910
Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Motor Up to $1,100
Variable Speed Domestic Cold Water Booster Systems $300/HP


Measure Incentive (per unit)
Variable Frequency Drive (300 HP maximum) Up to $19,500

New prescriptive measure submission form

Do you want the IESO to consider a new measure for future inclusion in the Save on Energy Retrofit program? A form is available here to submit a new measure for consideration to be added to the program.

If you previously submitted a measure for consideration to be included in the Retrofit program, please see this page for information on key dates, how the submissions are evaluated and the results of the review of the submissions.