Program Closed to New Applicants

Please note that the Energy Manager program has ended and is no longer accepting new applicants. We encourage you to consider our new program, the Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program. This is a transformational program designed to help organizations in Ontario improve their energy performance by implementing an integrated system of organizational practices, policies and processes to achieve persistent energy savings.

The SEM program can help your organization increase profitability, reduce costs and achieve its carbon reduction and environmental goals. For more information about the SEM program and to apply, visit

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Energy Manager program

The Energy Manager program was available in Ontario for 11 years and was designed to help commercial, institutional and industrial businesses in Ontario unlock their energy savings potential. The program, which was the largest of its kind in North America, offered incentives to businesses to employ a professional energy manager, focused on improving the energy performance of operations by implementing energy-efficiency projects, best practices and undertaking operational and maintenance improvements.

Since 2011, the program built a community of approximately 250 funded energy managers and achieved 27 MW in reduced energy demand and 250 million kWh in energy savings. The program transformed the market, demonstrating the value an embedded energy manager can bring to an organization’s operations. To further build on the successes of the Energy Manager program, the IESO has introduced the new Strategic Energy Management program. Learn more at


Energy Manager Support Services

Save on Energy is committed to providing ongoing support in 2023 and 2024 for energy managers who’ve participated in the former Energy Manager Program Support Services to help them continue to meet, learn and share their experiences and best practices. Energy managers will have access to an online learning platform, webinars and a dedicated email inbox for Save On Energy program inquiries. If you were already participating in the energy manager support services, you’re already enrolled. If you are new to energy management and would like to try the free online platform and webinars please contact us at the email address below.

To receive one-on-one direct support and coaching, we recommend joining one of the SEM cohorts. If you would like to take advantage of this enhanced SEM support, please send an email to

What can an energy manager do for my business?

Energy managers are professionals who bring strategic and technical expertise to identify energy-saving opportunities and to recommend energy-efficient equipment, technologies and best practices that are right for your business. Energy managers can help your business implement an energy management strategy. They do this by working directly with your operations team, vendors and service providers to support project success and benefit your business’ bottom line.

Energy Manager success stories

Energy managers mean business, and their goal is to help you unlock your business’ competitive advantage.

Visit the Energy Manager of the Year Awards page to learn more about some of Ontario’s most innovative and successful energy managers. Nominations for the 2022 Energy Manager of the Year Awards have now closed.

Key program documents

The Energy Manager program documents are provided for reference purposes only.

Program requirements (PDF)

Energy Manager program agreement (PDF)

  • A final form of the agreement was provided to successful applicants by the IESO for execution.

Have questions?

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