Improving your business

When energy efficiency becomes as much of a priority as other business goals, you'll see the benefits. Learn how energy efficiency can transform your business for the better.

Improved practices result in real savings

Being knowledgeable about energy consumption and costs is a good idea for all of us, but it’s especially so for business owners and operators.

How to make your staff energy efficiency champions

Engaging employees is crucial for making energy efficiency part of your culture. And energy managers can be the deciding factor in getting all staff involved. Our experts explain why.

What's really important to my CEO?

Knowing what makes your leadership tick is the key to making energy efficiency projects work. Here, our experts look at how to connect successfully with your senior management.

Why energy efficiency? Productivity

Opportunities to save energy typically go hand-in-hand with other ways your organization can become more efficient overall. Here’s how energy efficiency can boost productivity.

Why energy efficiency?
Customer experience

Your customers may notice you’re using less energy – and they’ll probably like it. Here’s how energy efficiency projects can make for happier customers and increased revenue.