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Energy Manager program

The Energy Manager program is designed to help commercial, institutional and industrial businesses in Ontario unlock their energy savings potential. The program, the largest of its kind in North America, offers incentives to businesses to employ a professional energy manager, focused on improving the energy performance of operations by implementing energy-efficiency projects, best practices and undertaking operational and maintenance improvements.

The Energy Manager program is fully allocated and is not accepting new applications. Starting in 2023, the program will transition to a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program that provides training, resources and enhanced technical support to companies with a dedicated energy manager.

What can an energy manager do for my business?

Energy managers are professionals who bring strategic and technical expertise to identify energy-saving opportunities and to recommend energy-efficient equipment, technologies and best practices that are right for your business. Energy managers can help your business implement an energy management strategy. They do this by working directly with your operations team, vendors and service providers to support project success and benefit your business’ bottom line.

Support for Ontario’s Energy Manager Community

Save on Energy also provides free access to the following Energy Manager Support Services on a first-come, first-served basis to individuals working in energy management in an organization:

  • Tailored expert energy and carbon management coaching support for:
    • Program rules and requirements
    • Project measurement and verification (M&V) and program reporting
    • Technical and data analysis
    • Implementing energy management best practices
  • Networked learning with a community of energy managers across Ontario, including workshops and facilitated sessions that will help your organization achieve energy savings
  • Access to the Energy Manager’s Learning Platform, a hub for courses and other online resources
  • Annual awards ceremony.

Incentives for training programs

Save on Energy also offers incentives for energy management training courses.

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Energy Manager success stories

Energy managers mean business, and their goal is to help you unlock your business’ competitive advantage. Watch the video below to learn more about their success stories.

Energy Manager of the Year Awards Each year Save on Energy recognizes the most innovative energy managers who deliver lasting to organizations across Ontario.

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I’ve been an energy manager with Atlantic Packaging since 2012. Since I joined the company, we’ve reduced our electricity costs by ten percent and lowered the Global Adjustment charge by almost 50 percent. My employment contract requires me to reduce consumption by two percent annually at each of our facilities, and that means I’m accountable every day for delivering results based on our company’s energy strategy.
Adam Murree, CEM, CEA, CMVP, Atlantic Packaging

Key documents

Program requirements (PDF)

  • Please review and refer to the program requirements for program eligibility criteria.


Energy Manager program agreement (PDF)

  • The Energy Manager program agreement is provided for reference purposes only and may be subject to change. A final form of the agreement will be provided to successful applicants by the IESO for execution.