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Use our resources to find out how to leverage energy efficiency for your business.

Buying guide for variable frequency drives

Learn about variable frequency drives (VFDs) and how they can help motor-driven equipment like pumps and fans work more efficiently.

Why CIOs can lead the energy-efficiency conversation

CIOs looking to influence the innovation agenda should make energy efficiency a priority.

How your IT policies can help save energy

When it comes to energy savings, the IT department holds a lot of power. Learn how, through the right policies, IT can make a big impact on energy efficiency for your business.

Why energy efficiency? Customer experience

Your customers may notice you’re using less energy – and they’ll probably like it. Here’s how energy efficiency projects can make for happier customers and increased revenue.

How to make your staff energy efficiency champions

Engaging employees is crucial for making energy efficiency part of your culture. And energy managers can be the deciding factor in getting all staff involved. Our experts explain why.

Ask the experts: breaking down electricity bills

Your organization's electricity bill gives you a window into how you're using energy, and by understanding it, you can find opportunities to save.

Green buildings to inspire your next office reno

Here’s a look at some of Ontario’s greenest buildings to inspire your next upgrade.

What is ISO50001 and how can it help your business?

If you want to take energy efficiency to the next level, consider looking to this international standard for a framework to follow.