Couple testing out a sofa in a comfortable living room display area at Ikea

Energy upgrade an image-maker for retailer

Extensive lighting retrofit reinforces IKEA’s future-oriented brand and also results in significant energy savings.

As a company, IKEA has always embraced being at the forefront. So when the opportunity arose to embrace new lighting technology – with help from the Save on Energy Retrofit program – it wasn’t a question of if, but when to get started.

For a retailer with a reputation for selling fashionable, innovative and sustainable furniture and furnishings, it only makes sense that the in-store lighting used to display its wares reflects the same mindset. Which is exactly why Ryan Monteath, IKEA’s Facilities Manager, welcomed the opportunity to boost the IKEA brand, and its bottom line, by upgrading to LED lighting in the company’s five Ontario stores.

“Technology is changing so quickly, and that includes lighting,” says Monteath. “Our LED lighting project was an important way for IKEA to demonstrate that we are at the forefront of home design and energy conservation. And also, who can argue with saving almost $75,000 a year on electricity?”

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Monteath oversaw the installation of approximately 5,000 LED fixtures in IKEA’s Ontario stores, with incentives provided through the Save on Energy Retrofit program. The upgrades were made in the stores’ showrooms, as well as in the warehouses.

“The new LED lights that are used to illuminate the display screens on the showroom floor really make our products pop,” said Monteath. “And in the warehouses, previously dark areas are much brighter. This provides a much safer work environment for co-workers.”