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The 2014 Spring COUPON EVENT

The Spring COUPON EVENT will take place at participating retail stores from Friday, March 28 until Sunday, April 27, 2014.  

What is the COUPON EVENT?

Twice each year, saveONenergy coupons are available in-store at participating retailers for instant savings across a wide range of energy-efficient products, including LED bulbs and increased incentives on specialty CFLs. Find a particpating retailer near you.  

Looking for ways to DO MORE to saveONenergy at home?

Use saveONenergy COUPONS for discounts on a wide range of eligible energy-efficient products to help you reduce your energy use, including: 

∙ ENERGY STAR® qualified general and specialty LED light bulbs
∙ ENERGY STAR® qualified specialty CFL light bulbs
∙ Lighting controls (timers, dimmers, motion sensors)
 ENERGY STAR® qualified light fixtures
∙ Power bars with integrated timers or auto-shutoff
∙ Weatherstripping
∙ Pipe wrap
∙ Insulation blankets for hot water heaters
∙ Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters
∙ Heavy duty outdoor timers

ONenergy COUPONS can be 
downloaded and redeemed at a participating retailer near you.

Why Buy Energy-Efficient Products?

There are many benefits to using energy-efficient products in your home. Many energy-efficient products can last longer and reduce the amount of time spent on replacement and upkeep. Visit our benefits page for full product details and benefits. 


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