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You can receive up to $650 in incentives when you participate in the heating and cooling incentive. 

With as much as 60% of an average home’s energy use going towards heating costs, it makes sense to consider the energy-efficiency of your furnace and central air conditioning units.

How do I participate?

To participate, follow these three simple steps:

1) Find out if you meet the
eligibility requirements
2) Read the
checklist for tips on buying a heating and cooling system
3) Find a
participating contractor in your area

*Qualifying units must be purchased and installed by a participating contractor.

Attention Visitors:

The Ontario Power Authority does not call consumers to solicit participation in its programs. The HEATING & COOLING INCENTIVE program does not require door-to-door sales calls or the inspection of any heating and cooling equipment and the OPA does not charge a fee to participate in any of its conservation programs.

You could save up to $325 a year in energy costs when you install eligible ENERGY STAR® qualified heating and cooling systems. 

Heating & Cooling infographic

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The HEATING & COOLING infographic

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