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Engineering Feasibility Study

Get up to $50,000 with incentives, and get started on your way to a more energy-efficient facility.

Engineering feasibility studies can help you spot new opportunities to be more energy efficient, plus provide a detailed analysis of how much you stand to save.

By evaluating specific process improvements, engineering feasibility studies can uncover potential electricity savings your facility might have if you make certain upgrades.

With help from this program, you can develop a business case for energy efficiency projects you want to undertake and identify potential capital incentive project opportunities that may exist.

Engineering feasibility studies find the opportunities that exist within systems that aren’t running properly, are using inefficient equipment or need optimization.


Engineering Feasibility Study (EFS)

Incentives for engineering feasibility studies are available once you’ve identified opportunities and need to determine energy savings and project costs. You can be reimbursed for the full cost of your pre-approved study, up to $50,000. Receive half for completing the EFS and the other half if the study recommendations are implemented. The study will determine the base case energy usage of your current system, and will propose energy-saving opportunities or technologies you could implement.

Additionally, the study will identify any project incentive opportunities that might exist for the system, help build a capital investment business case for the process efficiency improvements and support a Process & Systems Project Incentive.

Read about project incentivesStudy results can be used to apply for a Process & Systems Project Incentive.


To be eligible for the engineering feasibility study incentive, your business must operate a single facility that is connected to a local hydro company and capable of delivering at least 300 MWh of annualized electricity savings.

Please note that the following projects do not qualify for engineering feasibility study incentives unless approved in writing by your local hydro company: lighting, demand response or fuel-switching.

For each incentive, the study must also meet minimum requirements, as outlined on pages 24 and 25 of the program rules.

How can I apply?

Your local program provider will provide the correct application form. Fill it out and submit it, along with a study proposal, to your local program provider for approval. Your study proposal must include: 

  • a brief description of the industrial system to be studied;
  • why the system was chosen for the study; and
  • how it will reduce electricity use.

Your local hydro company can assist in defining the study scope and deliverables, including a description of the approach that will be used to determine the electricity savings measures and the capital costs for them.


Find your local program provider

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