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You already do your best to save money. The Home Assistance Program can help you better manage your monthly electricity costs and improve your home comfort.

What is the Home Assistance Program?

Out-of-date appliances, lights and other household items can make your electricity bill more expensive. The Home Assistance Program from Save on Energy offers free energy efficiency upgrades, plus an in-home energy assessment with a home energy expert to help you discover more ways to save and keep your home more comfortable.

What upgrades can I receive?

  • ENERGY STAR®-certified LED light bulbs
  • Power bars with timers
  • High-efficiency showerheads (standard and handheld)
  • Aerators (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Drying racks
  • Energy-efficient refrigerator
  • Window air conditioner
  • Additional attic or basement insulation
  • Weatherstripping around doors and windows


To get you started, you'll need to know if you are eligible for the Home Assistance Program.


Apply to the Home Assistance ProgramFill out this contact form to receive a call back from GreenSaver.

What to expect from your in-home energy assessment

During the energy assessment the Home Energy Expert will ask you to sign a Participant Agreement and will verify the documents used to prove program eligibility. With your permission, they will then install qualifying measures throughout the home such as ENERGY STAR®-certified LED light bulbs, efficient showerheads and faucet aerators, and clothes drying racks.

Photographs of the appliances and the interior and exterior of the home will be taken as part of the assessment. The Home Energy Expert will ask questions about additional items in the home that use electricity, and provide education about how to reduce electricity use, lower bills and make your home more comfortable.

Frequently asked questions Click here for more information on the Home Assistance Program

Where can I get more information?

The Home Assistance Program is offered by the Independent Electricity System Operator through its service provider GreenSaver, and may be offered in collaboration with your local hydro company. To sign up or learn more, please call 1-855-591-0877 or fill out a contact form to receive a call back from GreenSaver within two business days.