Programming the thermostat

Ways to save on heating and cooling 

Learn how to optimize your small business HVAC system and equipment to be more efficient, so you can get the most out of your space and save on your overall energy costs.

Heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) systems are an important part of keeping your overall business comfortable and welcoming for your employees and visitors.

HVAC can make up a significant portion of your overall energy use. There are plenty of ways to help drive your HVAC costs down, and some might be easier than you think. Here are several easy tips to get you started. 

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  1. Keep room temperatures at 18°C during winter and 25°C during summer.
  2. Add tinting, film or a reflective coating to windows, and install blinds or curtains.
  3. Train employees to turn off unnecessary lights, cooking equipment and office equipment to reduce the need for cooling.
  4. Install an energy-efficient programmable thermostat to automate temperature control.
  5. Install air conditioning equipment that suits the size of your premises.
  6. Close the shades on east-facing windows in the early morning, and on west-facing windows in the afternoon.

ENERGY STAR®-certified commercial HVAC products can save your business approximately $1.70 per square foot over the life of the equipment. A 12,000-square-foot building using an ENERGY STAR®-certified HVAC product could save more than $21,000 over its lifetime.