A small business

Build your small business energy toolkit 

Making your small business more energy efficient is easy with the right help. Take a look at these resources for getting started.

Operating a small business often means your job can change from day to day, from managing finances to cleaning up after your last customer leaves. 

But luckily, managing your energy use too doesn't have to be time-consuming, especially if you have the right resources at your fingertips. Even if you don't have an employee dedicated to managing energy, maintaining your electricity use and costs is within your control.

Take a look at these resources so you can put your hard-earned dollars back into your business. 


Find your local hydro company 

Save on Energy programs are offered through your local hydro company. Don't know yours? Enter your postal code below to find out who to contact to apply for this program.

Find an energy advisor 

Your local hydro company can also can help you find an energy advisor. A qualified energy advisor can assess how your business is using energy and offer recommendations to make your operations more energy efficient.


Find a qualified contractor 

The industry association representing your business type will likely have a list of experienced contractors to choose from. A qualified contractor can help complete projects to make your business more energy efficient, from heating and cooling equipment to lighting and more. 


See what the charges on your electricity bill mean 

Better understand your bill and how to read specific charges from your local hydro company.


Learn how time-of-use rates affect your hydro bill 

Ontario businesses that use less than 50 kilowatts of demand each month are billed using time-of-use rates. Knowing when your business uses electricity – and shifting your electricity use to non-peak (cheaper) times – can help you manage your electricity costs. Find out more about time-of-use rates


Get training in energy management 

There are many programs that can help you learn more about energy management, from basic knowledge to certification courses. See how to get started now