Update on Small Business Programs

The Save on Energy suite of programs is changing to provide more cost-effective and streamlined energy-efficiency options.

Here's what you need to know:

Small Business Lighting

The Small Business Lighting program will continue to provide small business owners with a free, turnkey solution to improve their business lighting. Customers will work with the program provider, who takes care of getting all necessary approvals and installing your project.  

For inquiries about the status of an existing application, please contact your local hydro company.

For more information contact SmallBusinessLighting@ieso.ca or call the Save on Energy call centre at 1-877-797-9473.

Retrofit for Small Business

All new Retrofit program applications and services have been transferred to the IESO. Applicants whose applications are transferred will receive an email notification. Any applications that did not receive local hydro company approval before May 1, 2019, will be transferred to the IESO for follow up.

Customers with existing projects approved by their local hydro company that are already underway can continue to look to their local hydro company for information and support until the project is completed.   

For more information, please contact Retrofit@ieso.ca or call the Save on Energy Retrofit Support Line at 1-844-303-5542.


Business Refrigeration Incentive Program

The Business Refrigeration Incentive program has ended. Applications with a completed facility assessment and signed work order with the local hydro company before April 1, 2019, must have been completed before May 1, 2019 to be eligible for funding. All other applications will not be eligible. 

For more details, please check the FAQs, or you can contact the Save on Energy call centre at: 1-877-797-9473.