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Make energy efficiency a priority this spring-cleaning season


Save on energy with this spring-cleaning checklist

When it comes to spring cleaning, think "out with the old and in with the energy efficient." There are many ways to make your home more energy efficient while doing your seasonal clean up. Try these helpful tips to save on energy and money, while also benefiting the environment.

Purify your air and remove dust

Don’t let dust trigger allergies. Or cloud that fresh spring air. Vacuum around large appliances and clean your ducts and vents, including the bathroom exhaust fan, to keep them running more efficiently. Look for ENERGY STAR® certified air purifiers, which use 40 per cent less energy than standard ones.

Replace your furnace filter

Use the changing of each season as your reminder to regularly replace your furnace filter. In addition to annual maintenance, changing your filter every three months ensures that your furnace and AC runs efficiently – making it last longer and saving you money on energy costs. It also prevents dust from building up and spreading through your home or condo unit.

Clean your dryer’s lint trap

Spring cleaning is more than simply clearing up dust. Cleaning your lint trap regularly helps improve the efficiency of your dryer. Remember to empty it after every dry cycle to cut down on drying time and save on energy.

Clean your refrigerator coils

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home, but it doesn’t have to drive up energy usage. Dusty refrigerator coils retain more heat. Cleaning them regularly keeps your fridge running efficiently and reduces the amount of energy it uses.

Looking for additional ways to save energy at home?

Save on Energy’s My Energy Action Plan can help you reach your energy-efficiency goals, with a personalized plan offering advice and tips on the many ways to better manage your electricity use and save on energy costs.

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