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Save money and live more comfortably

with the Energy Affordability Program

As you settle into retirement, boosting your savings can become a key priority. Find out how to save energy and money with the Energy Affordability Program.

Let’s face it – most of your home comfort is driven by ideal temperature and lighting, but these things can add up on your monthly energy bill. Especially if you’re using old and out-of-date appliances. Reducing your energy use is an easy way to reduce your energy bills while keeping your home more comfortable.

The Save on Energy Energy Affordability Program (EAP) offers homeowners, renters and residents of non-profit housing properties an opportunity to upgrade appliances, lights and other household items with new, energy-efficient products. These energy-related upgrades are delivered and installed 100 per cent free of charge, which means you can keep your money where you want it — in your pocket to support your retirement plans.

What is the Energy Affordability Program?

EAP is an energy-efficiency program, delivered province-wide, to income-eligible Ontarians. It starts with an in-home visit from a Home Energy Expert and ends with a cozier, more efficient home for you to relax in.

Free upgrades can include:

  • ENERGY STAR-certified LED light bulbs to make sure every corner of your home is brightly lit
  • Energy Saving Kits
  • Appliance replacements (including your long-forgotten basement fridge), keeping savings up and energy use down
  • Draft proofing to help keep your home cozy, no matter the season.
The Home Assistance Program is great for seniors, like my mother. She received excellent service from the home energy expert. The freezer was a big hit...She likes to preserve and freeze what she grows in her garden. She was given a stand-up freezer, which is easier for elderly people to use. She was also really excited by the fact that the energy technician gave her easy to implement energy-saving tips, allowing her to save money on her bill and make her home more comfortable.
Marcello Gulla

Start saving today with a few quick tips:

There are many easy and cost-effective ways to start saving energy and money on your next electricity bill:


  1. Wash your laundry in cold water to save on heating costs. Hang your clothes to dry to avoid the use of the dryer entirely.
Advanced Power bar
  1. Address sneaky energy drainers by unplugging your devices when they’re not in use. This could include your PVR or cable boxes, smart device chargers, coffee machines and kettles. Use a smart power bar with built-in timers or auto shut-off capabilities to manage what's actually on.
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  1. Consider timing high-electricity-use chores like laundry and dishwashing during the evening.

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For more information about the program, visit SaveOnEnergy.ca/EAP.