Man installing insulation

Quiz: Are you an insulation expert?

Test your insulation knowledge


Blown-in or batt and blanket? Spray foam or rigid board? See how much you
know about insulation.

Good insulation is the difference between having a drafty or a comfy home. Limiting the heat transfer between the inside and outside is key to increasing home comfort and cutting energy costs. How much do you know about insulation? Put your knowledge to the test.

1. What does R-value measure?

a. The thickness of the insulation and how effectively it limits heat

b. The price per square footage of insulation

c. How much heat insulation can absorb

d. How long the insulation can last in your home

2. Typically, what’s the best place to start with new insulation in your home?

a. Garage

b. Crawlspace

c. Exterior walls

d. Attic

3. What are the benefits of insulation?

a. Reduce outside noise

b. Better control of humidity levels

c. Less insects, dust and pollen

d. All of the above

4. What are some other useful methods to reduce energy costs?

a. Caulking

b. Weatherproofing

c. Vapour barrier

d. All of the above

5. True or false: Proper insulation keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

a. True

b. False

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